Welcome to Jim Roberts Percussion.
If you are interested in music lessons, contact Jim directly
for times and rates.

“Wow, that's the best drum lesson I've ever had!”
Shannon Morrow after her first drum lesson with Jim

"I love what Jim has done for my projects. He is like a great chef who can season any dish. He has dedicated his life to the world of music and brings love and experience to every project. He has the ears of an artist and can paint with the bush strokes of percussion." ~ Futureman (2 time Grammy Award winner with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones)

"Jim Roberts has all the elements that make a great musician - technical expertise, professionalism, and versatility in many different musical styles. His real talent however is his creativity. It's in all his projects, whether as a musician, producer or engineer...and he will even drive you to Jersey Mike's when you need a sandwich" ~ Cady Finlayson (Irish Coffee 2006, Harp and Shamrock 2004; Shines like Silver 2002)

"Jim did a great job producing and engineering our record. His studio has a really nice, cozy vibe and Jim brought great care, dedication, and imagination to the project. The end result was a vibrant, totally professional-sounding product." ~ Troy Guinn (The Secret Commonwealth Uninvited Guest 2002)

"Over the last year, we have worked extensively with Jim Roberts in his excellent room, Kalimba Studio. His production ideas, engineering abilities, musical knowledge and outstanding musical talents on drums and percussion contributed greatly in our sessions. His expertise and insight have proved invaluable and our results would not have been as creative and compelling without him." ~ Randy Vincent, Bob Mason (Producer/Songwriters)

"Jim has a great organic sense for musical truth. It's easy to get distracted by cool sounds and new gear but I think Jim just knows how to make music and keep it real. The cat is also my personal "rhythm guru" who I valued enough to even take a flight to get his input and ideas on incorporating Latin and African rhythms into some hiphop music we are producing now." ~ MJ Nelson (Producer for Epic Soul Music Group whose clients include MTV's PIMP MY RIDE, AMERICAN IDOL, DISNEY, LAW & ORDER, THE APPRENTICE, HEROES)

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